Exercises to Unwind and De-stress

Here are some exercises offered by Yoga instructor Bryony for unwinding and de-stressing.

Unwind and De-stress poster

Calming Breathwork Exercises

by Mary - Cameron Seniors Friday Yoga Instructor

Each breath you take has the incredible potential to calm, relax and to bring balance to your body and mind.

Breathing smoothly, rhythmically triggers your parasympathetic nervous system - this is the opposite of when you are stressed or in fight, flight, freeze mode. It can allow you to shift into rest and restore mode: calming your racing heart, decreasing your blood pressure and re-establishing your digestive system.

Healthy Recipes to Enjoy at Home!

Cameron yoga instructor Bryony has provided three healthy, easy-to-make recipes to enjoy at home.

pot of soup

Sweet Potato Soup

Healthy Soup

Ginger Drink


A Compilation of Helpful Yoga Websites

A compilation of helpful websites, prepared by Cameron Seniors' Friday Yoga Instructor Mary.

Some Help with a Meditation Practice at Home

by Mary - Cameron Seniors Friday Yoga Instructor

meditationMeditation is an opportunity to reclaim some time for yourself.  Give yourself permission to sit  and be still. Although you think you are doing nothing you are engaged in a practice that has many benefits! Meditation gives your body and your mind an opportunity to stop and relax. It allows your central nervous system to recharge itself from flight and fight to rest and reset. Watching your thoughts gives you an opportunity to notice what you say to yourself and to observe them without reacting to them. And meditation takes focus & concentration. So much for doing nothing!