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Cameron Seniors Cleanup the Neighbourhood

These are Cameron Seniors Members, led by Hui Di Zheng.  They go out twice each month to pick up litter around the neighbourhood and keep our parks and sidewalks beautiful.  This month they are cleaning up as it is traditional to do a big cleaning in preparation for Chinese New Year.

Cameron Seniors clean up neighbourhood
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Cameron Seniors at the Cameron Centre Open House

Cameron Recreation Centre held an Open House at the Lougheed Town Centre Mall on Saturday, January 30, 2016 to showcase to the public the activities and services available at Cameron.  The Cameron Seniors Society, represented by several member volunteers, was on hand to promote the activities of the Society.

One of the highlights of the day was the flash mob performed by members of the Seniors' Fitness Group.

Cameron Crafters Fall 2015 Sales

Cameron Crafters held a successful annual pre-Christmas craft sale on October 28 resulting in a very generous donation to the Cameron Seniors Society. Thank you to all who participated, your hard work is certainly appreciated. Check out the glass case outside the Seniors Lounge for more "crafty" Christmas gifts.

The crafters meet every Monday afternoon in the Willow Room.

crafters fall 2015 sales


Cameron Halloween Howler 2015

The Halloween Howler event held on Halloween Day from 10:00am – 12:00pm at the Cameron Sports Hall was a great success. Some 600 kids and parents came to the event and they all had a great time.

Many thanks to the Cameron staff for putting up the event and to the Cameron seniors volunteers who were on hand to help out. The efforts by all involved are very much appreciated.

halloween howler 2015