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Mason Bees Condo Program

The Garden Club and the City of Burnaby Mason Bees Condo program provides an opportunity for community members to improve City green spaces and increase wildlife habitat, specifically for the Blue Orchard Mason Bee. These creatures, in their daily activity, spread pollen from flower to flower, and play a vital role in fertilizing fruits and vegetables. The City of Burnaby Mason Bees Condos provide habitat for the Blue Orchard Mason Bee. The condo essentially plays the role of a bee house to bees.  These are not bee hives which specifically house honey bees that produce honey. The condos provide the Blue Orchard Mason Bees a place to live and lay their eggs, so they can more successfully live, grow and multiply.

The bee condos are similar to bird boxes- a wooden, rectangular box with spaces for bees to lay cocoons.  They are attached to poles, about six to eight feet high, located in Cameron Park down by the playground along the walk way towards the dragon fly garden and the eco sculpture.

We hope you enjoy these bees on your walk through Cameron Park.




Chinese New Year Lunch 2020

On January 31, Cameron Seniors celebrated the Lunar New Year, and welcomed the Year of the Rat with a delicious lunch and thrilling entertainment. Thanks to the Social Committee for planning and hosting this event. We were excited to welcome MLA Katrina Chen to our event. Special thanks to Pak Kwan Tam for his leadership, and to our effervescent MC, Esther Yue. Thanks also to Mulberry PARC Retirement Living, for their generous donation of a basket for the prize draw. Happy New Year, one and all!

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Happy Birthday Peter!

Peter Madsen, one of our Society members, turned 100 on March 10, 2019.  We celebrated with him at our pub night on the 9th, he told us he is still a spring chicken!

Way to go Peter!

Peter 100th birthday

Chinese Dancers Group New Year Party

The Chinese Dancers Activity Group met in January for a New Year Celebration. They enjoyed entertainment provided by members of their group. The Chinese Dancers group meets on Friday mornings, 9:00-11:00am. Fan Tai Chi meets on Wednesdays 9:00-10:15am. These activities provide healthy, friendly and fun activity for many of our members. Thank you to their leader, Hui Di Zheng, and volunteers, for organizing this celebration.

Chinese Dancers Group