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Cooking with Sue

On November 19, Sue held her second cooking demonstration at the weekly Cameron Lounge Thursday Zoom meetings.  She whipped up some old fashioned baked apples (recipe) and mini pumpkin tarts and pumpkin custard (recipe).

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Christmas Decorations at Cameron are UP!

The Christmas decorations are up at Cameron Centre!  Many thanks to the staff at Cameron for getting into the festive mood early this year - there will be much to look forward to at Christmas and in the New Year!

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Summer Fun at Cameron Centre

While we wait for 55+ Programs to resume at Cameron Centre, we are happy to see that many of our members are finding ways to stay active and connected. Adult fitness and sports programs, and the weight room have re-started, with modifications for physical distancing and enhanced cleaning protocols. Many of our seniors are attending these activities each day. Cameron Seniors Society’s Zoom Coffee Meetings continue on Wednesday mornings, with a fun activity each week. Recently, we had a cooking demonstration with “Chef Sue.”

Out in the park, groups of friends are meeting informally, for safe, physically distanced outdoor visits. Stacy, Sue, Justine and Monica are “in the building,” and available for your questions and comments. If you want to join the Zoom chat, please contact Sue! Please keep in touch. We hope to see you soon.

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Mason Bees Condo Program

The Garden Club and the City of Burnaby Mason Bees Condo program provides an opportunity for community members to improve City green spaces and increase wildlife habitat, specifically for the Blue Orchard Mason Bee. These creatures, in their daily activity, spread pollen from flower to flower, and play a vital role in fertilizing fruits and vegetables. The City of Burnaby Mason Bees Condos provide habitat for the Blue Orchard Mason Bee. The condo essentially plays the role of a bee house to bees.  These are not bee hives which specifically house honey bees that produce honey. The condos provide the Blue Orchard Mason Bees a place to live and lay their eggs, so they can more successfully live, grow and multiply.

The bee condos are similar to bird boxes- a wooden, rectangular box with spaces for bees to lay cocoons.  They are attached to poles, about six to eight feet high, located in Cameron Park down by the playground along the walk way towards the dragon fly garden and the eco sculpture.

We hope you enjoy these bees on your walk through Cameron Park.