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Pasta Day


Wednesday June 5, 2024
12:00 - 12:30pm
$5.00 Cameron members only!

Tickets available at the Hostess Desk in the Lounge

Join us for a delicious home made pasta lunch by Renato.  Lunch includes pasta, bread, cookies and coffee.

 Pasta Day 20240605


Kitchen Table

Time: Wednesdays, 10:30am-12:00pm
Place: Maple Room
Price: $5.00

Did you know that the Kitchen Table program offers sandwiches, tea or coffee and cookies on Wednesdays for $5.00 only?  Don't miss out on this delicious opportunity!

Note: For Cameron Seniors Society members only.




cribbageDate: Thursdays, 12:30-3:00pm
Place: Maple Room
Fee: Card fees

Join us for a fun filled afternoon of cribbage, where seniors can enjoy friendly competition and socializing in a relaxed and welcoming environment.



Cedar Room
Mondays, 12:30-4:00pm

Join us to play Rummy-O starting July 4.  Beginners welcome - we will teach you how to play!

Cameron Seniors Society membership is required.
One year Single Membership - $20.69 (with tax).

Rummy-O set


Table Tennis Club Picnic

The Cameron Seniors Table Tennis Group celebrated summer with a picnic in the park. After their morning playing time, they gathered in Cameron Park for tea, coffee and a warm breakfast. Music, laughter and happy conversation abounded. Cameron Seniors activity groups are more than just sports or arts. They are all about community, friendship and encouragement. Happy Summer, Table Tennis Club! Happy Summer, Cameron Seniors!

Table Tennis Club Picnic 20220623


WHAT A Theatre - 2021 and 2022 Performances and Food Bank Donations

Cameron Seniors WHAT A Theatre Group is back! In November, their performance of BBS News and Sports played to a full (and safely distanced) house. In February, they presented MTM Chuckles the Clown, also to a full house. Audiences were delighted by the fine performances and uproarious humour. All proceeds from these two shows ($100 total so far) has been donated to the Burnaby Neighbourhood House Food Hub.

The next performance will be April 22, 2022. Watch for ticket sales soon, and don’t miss out. If you are interested in joining as a player, or to help in another way, please contact Stacy or Sue. We’ll put you in touch with Activity Leader and Show Director, Myra.

Thank you, WHAT A Theatre, for entertaining us, and helping us to support a good cause!

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Pictures - BBS News and Sports

Pictures - Chuckles the Clown


Suzanne Wu's Calligraphy Award

(The Calligraphy group meets on Mondays, 9:30-11:30 in the Cedar Room. Mandarin Conversation is Fridays, 9:30-11 in the Willow Room. If anyone would like to join, they can contact Sue McIntyre 604-297-4453, for more information.)

Shu-Yueh Wu (Suzanne) the group leader for Chinese Calligraphy and teacher for Mandarin Conversation, and one of the leaders of the Snooker Club recently won an award for her beautiful calligraphy.

The story behind Suzanne's award winning calligraphy is given below in her own words.

During the 2020 pandemic, the stay at home order initially made me feel bored.  With all that time to spare, my mind was suddenly inspired by life learning. It not only enriched my knowledge but it also was a great way to kill time. I then decided to study at the Taiwan National Open University. When I registered, it was close to Asian Father's Day which was August 8th. In order to advocate filial piety and celebrate this special day, the school held a competition. The branch leader in Canada, Mrs. Liang, encouraged me to submit something, such as a piece of writing, painting, or calligraphy. I wrote a poem in calligraphy and won an award for it.

The poem was made by Song, Ling Yun, a famous scholar in Qing Dynasty. The title of this poem was "Remembering Father". In it, he expressed how much he was yearning to meet his father. The poem is translated below:

The great distance between the Wu tree and Mt. Yun's cloud is breaking the connection.
How I hate this long distance.
My soul in the dream is not afraid of the journey to Chang An.
Several times I rode the wind to visit him.

Suzanne Wu's Calligraphy

Suzanne Wu