Health Focus Afternoon Workshop

KO Parkinson's with Rock Steady Boxing

Date: Thursday October 3, 2019
Time: 1:00-2:00pm
Place: Hemlock Room
Cost: FREE*
Speakers: Robyn and Heidi - Impact Parkinson's

(* Space is limited, registration needed; please sign up at the Seniors Lounge.)

boxing glovesDon some gloves, throw a few punches and learn why non-contact boxing is one of the best execises for people fighting against Parkinson's!  This and other exciting strategies are offered in NW at Impact Parkinson's, a local and registered non-profit organization.


BC Seniors' Games (55+ BC Games) 2019 - Reimbursement for Registration Fees

To Cameron Seniors Society Members Participating in BC Seniors Games 2019:

The Cameron Seniors’ Society supports its members to participate in BC 55+ Games.  Many of our members enjoy the Games, and the wellness and social benefits of participation in this annual event.

Cameron Seniors Society does not participate in planning or offering the 55+ Games.  This work is done by the 55+ Games Society, an independent organization. When you participate in BC 55+ Games, you should be aware that this NOT an activity of the Cameron Seniors’ Society The events and activities of BC 55+ Games are not covered by the liability insurance of the Cameron Seniors’ Society.

Cameron Seniors Society will reimburse members for their Games registration fee, but will not reimburse for the fee paid to join the BC 55+ Games Society.  If you have any questions about this, please feel welcome to speak with Sue McIntyre, Cameron Centre Seniors’ Programmer.

Meet the Board of Directors

Here’s Cameron Seniors’ Society’s Board of Directors, elected each year at the AGM by Cameron Seniors’ Society members. The Board meets once a month, on the second Thursday, to discuss matters important to the operation of the Society. Each member acts as liaison to several activity groups, as well as serving on various committees, and representing Cameron at other meetings throughout the year. Executive Members take responsibility for the leadership, finances and records of the Society. Board Meeting Minutes are available for members to review, in a binder in the Seniors’ Lounge. Check out the photo display of our Board in the display case just outside of the Lounge.

Board of Directors 2019


Emergency Contact Information Storage at Cameron Centre

attention iconCameron Centre can take your emergency contact information and store it confidentially, on your registration account in our computer. If you should be injured or fall ill while you are at Cameron, this information will enable us to contact someone to assist you. Please visit the Sports Desk, or Community Office, and ask the Recreation Clerk to add this information to your account.