Myra Honoured at the One Tree 2019 Project

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Myra Gusway is Cameron Seniors’ Activity Leader for the WHAT-A-Theatre Group. Three or four times each year, Myra and her group produce entertaining plays for our members to enjoy.

Recently, Myra was honoured to be one of the artists in the One Tree 2019 Project at the Robert Bateman Gallery in Victoria BC. Over 70 artists created pieces, inspired by and made out of the wood from an ancient maple tree that grew in the Chemainus Valley. There were sculptures, furniture, musical instruments, housewares, and from Myra, a play! It’s entitled “Magnificent Maple.” Myra’s creation is a reader’s theatre play that was performed at the Gala Event on November 15 at the Robert Bateman Gallery. For this hands-on exhibit, Myra’s script is available in multiple copies, so that groups touring the exhibit can participate in performances. Through their interactions with the story and the objects on display, they will come to know the history and beauty of this one tree. Dozens of artists and hundreds of gallery-goers, all connected by one tree!

The exhibit continues through February 29, 2020.

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Meet the Board of Directors

Here’s Cameron Seniors’ Society’s Board of Directors, elected each year at the AGM by Cameron Seniors’ Society members. The Board meets once a month, on the second Thursday, to discuss matters important to the operation of the Society. Each member acts as liaison to several activity groups, as well as serving on various committees, and representing Cameron at other meetings throughout the year. Executive Members take responsibility for the leadership, finances and records of the Society. Board Meeting Minutes are available for members to review, in a binder in the Seniors’ Lounge. Check out the photo display of our Board in the display case just outside of the Lounge.

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Emergency Contact Information Storage at Cameron Centre

attention iconCameron Centre can take your emergency contact information and store it confidentially, on your registration account in our computer. If you should be injured or fall ill while you are at Cameron, this information will enable us to contact someone to assist you. Please visit the Sports Desk, or Community Office, and ask the Recreation Clerk to add this information to your account.