Digital Access Burnaby Fundraiser

Seniors, families and individuals in Burnaby are in need of phones, tablets and computers (laptops) to stay connected during COVID-19.  Burnaby needs your help!  Many people in Burnaby still do not have a device that can connect to the internet.


Since COVID-19, Burnaby Neighbourhood House (BNH), in conjunction with Digital Access Burnaby, have been seeking donations of used tech devices and have recently received a donation of tech devices from Microsoft and an anonymous donation of $1000. These are amazing contributions! But too many people still need devices.

The Digital Acess Burnaby fundraiser has been created on GoFundMe to raise more funds for this important project.

For more details on donations and how you can also donate your devices, please visit the Digital Access Burnaby GoFundMe page.

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Music Video Celebrates Strength of Burnaby's Diversity

In a new video, Burnaby City Councillor Joe Keithley and Mayor Mike Hurley perform a song written by Keithley that celebrates the strength and solidarity that comes from Burnaby’s diversity.
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Watch the Video: You Won’t Stand Alone

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Help Shape the Future of

City of BurnabyThe City of Burnaby is redeveloping the website and they want your input!  Your responses will be used to guide them as they try to build a more interactive and intuitive online experience.

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Cameron Fitness Schedule

The new fitness schedule starting July 27, 2020 is given in the table below.

Fitness Schedule as at July 27, 2020