A Compilation of Helpful Yoga Websites

A compilation of helpful websites, prepared by Cameron Seniors' Friday Yoga Instructor Mary.

by Dr. Baxter Bell and Nina Zolotow

Excellent resource with a diverse number of topics.  Some examples
    • Video of the week
    • Yoga therapy for (arthritis)
    • Meditation Project
    • Making your own props
    • Stress management for when you are stressed
    • Featured poses

Top right hand corner has a search engine "search" that allows one to navigate the site with a topic.

There is also an excellent book by this title.  Yoga For Healthy Aging: A guide to life-long well-being by Dr. Baxter Bell, a western train doctor & yoga teacher) with Nina Zolotow, certified yoga teacher & writer.

written by Madisyn Taylor

On the right hand side where there are 3 bars there is a drop down menu.  From here you can find a place to subscribe to receiving daily inspiration to your email account.  There is also the opportunity to search under "inspiration" for a variety of articles of interest.  Inspiration groupings include
    • Home & Garden
    • Healing
    • Nature
    • Healthy Living
    • Energy Work

"Action for Happiness helps people take action for a happier and kinder world"

Wide variety of articles to read or podcasts to listen to.

The search engine on the top right hand corner allows one to explore a wide variety of topics:
    • meditation
    • kindness
    • calm
    • mindfulness
    • stress
    • aging


The website's mission statement is to provide a resource that focusses on ways to "see the wonder & opportunity in every moment to act with love, generosity & respect.” The site offers articles, book and audio recordings.

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Deepak Chopra & Oprah Winfrey together offer a 21 day meditation practice.  Each session is 18 to 20 minutes long.  There is a theme to the 21 day practice:  at this time it is "Hope in Uncertain Times".  Each day a new sub theme is introduced:   It starts with a 5 minute explanation by Oprah followed by 5 minutes with Deepak where a centering thought and a mantra are offered for the meditation focus and then 10 minutes for the meditation.  During the meditation inspiring music is in the background and a soft bell rings the start and end of the practice.   It is delivered to your email account each day.   If you miss a day you can always catch up on your own time.