Snooker Tournament Prizes Presentation

President Lorraine Seath and Board Member Joan McLean awarded prizes to the winner, Rick Adams and runner-up, Nick Nuraney, of the recently completed Snooker Tournament.

Kudos to all of the players who participated and special thanks to Snooker Club Leader Nick Nuraney for organizing the tournament. Thanks to the Cameron Seniors Society for providing the prizes.

Snooker Tournament 2018 Winners
Snooker Tournament 2018 Winners
L to R: 
Nick Nuraney, Joan McLean (Board Liaison), Lorraine Seath (President), Rick Adams

Snooker Tournament 2018 Participant Awards
L to R: Yanling You, Nina Jagiello, Lorraine Seath (President), Sadru Moloo, Joan McLean (Board Liaison), Bill Huang