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Cameron Recreation Centre
9523 Cameron Street 
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Burnaby V3J 1L6
Ph: 604-297-4456

The Cameron Seniors Society is a registered, non-profit organisation committed to working in partnership with the Burnaby Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department in the provision of recreation programs and services for seniors.

To volunteer at Cameron Seniors Society please apply online by clicking here.

Board of Directors
President: Lorraine Seath
Vice-President: Barry Wertz
Secretary: Doreen Marzin-Bergamo
Treasurer: Gloria Grice

Members at Large:  Rafique Jiwa, Ludwig Kaiser, Joan McLean, Jacqueline Pickering, Kenneth Pon, Janis Rutherford,

Cameron Seniors Staff
Program Coordinator: Ashif Gulamhusein
Recreation Leaders: Stephen Keys, Trina Peters, Jill Anderson, Shelayne Mulholland