Suzanne Wu's Calligraphy Award

(The Calligraphy group meets on Mondays, 9:30-11:30 in the Cedar Room. Mandarin Conversation is Fridays, 9:30-11 in the Willow Room. If anyone would like to join, they can contact Sue McIntyre 604-297-4453, for more information.)

Shu-Yueh Wu (Suzanne) the group leader for Chinese Calligraphy and teacher for Mandarin Conversation, and one of the leaders of the Snooker Club recently won an award for her beautiful calligraphy.

The story behind Suzanne's award winning calligraphy is given below in her own words.

During the 2020 pandemic, the stay at home order initially made me feel bored.  With all that time to spare, my mind was suddenly inspired by life learning. It not only enriched my knowledge but it also was a great way to kill time. I then decided to study at the Taiwan National Open University. When I registered, it was close to Asian Father's Day which was August 8th. In order to advocate filial piety and celebrate this special day, the school held a competition. The branch leader in Canada, Mrs. Liang, encouraged me to submit something, such as a piece of writing, painting, or calligraphy. I wrote a poem in calligraphy and won an award for it.

The poem was made by Song, Ling Yun, a famous scholar in Qing Dynasty. The title of this poem was "Remembering Father". In it, he expressed how much he was yearning to meet his father. The poem is translated below:

The great distance between the Wu tree and Mt. Yun's cloud is breaking the connection.
How I hate this long distance.
My soul in the dream is not afraid of the journey to Chang An.
Several times I rode the wind to visit him.

Suzanne Wu's Calligraphy

Suzanne Wu