City Opening Cooling Locations During Extreme Heat

The City of Burnaby is opening 4 cooling locations for vulnerable people, people who are unhoused and anyone seeking refuge from the extreme heat expected in Metro Vancouver over the next few days.

Starting Thursday, July 29 until extreme heat has ended, these cooling locations will operate from 11am to 7pm daily in the common areas (ie. lobbies) at the following locations:

North Burnaby
Cameron Community Centre (9523 Cameron Street)
Eileen Dailly Leisure Pool (240 Willingdon)

South Burnaby
Bonsor Recreation Complex (6550 Bonsor Avenue)
Edmonds Community Centre (7433 Edmonds Street)

These cooling locations are intended to provide temporary relief and include seating along with access to water, washroom facilities, $1 showers, wifi and electrical outlets. Masks are recommended, but not required. City staff will be onsite and will be able to provide information on addition resources that may be available to assist people dealing with the heat.

For more inormation please view the news release.


Useful Information on Heat Exhaustion

Voices of Burnaby Seniors (VOBSS) has sent out an informative note about heat exhaustion to prepare seniors for the heat wave that is expected to descend on the Lower Mainland over the next few days.

Heat Exhaustion

heat waveThere are higher temperatures coming again.  Since seniors are more affected than young people by heat exhaustion and heat stroke, we thought the attached information was important.  This was further reinforced by a friend's experience during the previous extreme heat period.  She thought she was having a heart attack and went to  Emergency.  She was checked out by the Doctors and found to be suffering from heat exhaustion, not a heart attack.  The remedy was to go home and drink a sports drink with electrolytes.

You can purchase sports drinks (make sure they contain electrolytes) at a grocery store or there are electrolyte powders available in pharmacies.  I have also been told that coconut water also contains necessary electrolytes.

If your living space gets too warm, go to the library or the mall to take advantage of their air conditioning.

So three things to remember:

1.  Stay hydrated.  Drink lots of water.
2.  Take care of your electrolytes.  Your internal organs need them.
3.  Try to stay cool.

One more thing...PLEASE CHECK ON YOUR SENIOR NEIGHBOURS.  Make sure they are ok, drinking lots of water and aware of the importance of electrolytes.

I have attached some information from the Mayo Clinic about heat exhaustion.

Lynda Siggers
Voices of Burnaby Seniors


Safe and Affordable Homeshare Program for Students and Seniors

Launching in Summer 2021, Simon Fraser University (SFU) and Canada HomeShare are partnering to support the housing needs of university students and older adults through a safe and affordable homeshare program.

Within a housing agreement, the senior will host a university student and receive monthly rent of $400–$600. In exchange, the university student will provide light assistance around the home; tasks may include providing technical support, preparing meals, tidying up, purchasing groceries, or walking a pet.

Learn more about the program on the website and register for an informational session with the Canada HomeShare team on July 28, 2021 or August 3, 2021.

Also, please stay tuned for an upcoming meeting of our network in the fall 2021.

Thank you.

Social Planning
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City of Burnaby


BPL - Learn How to Use Zoom for Seniors

Seniors! Here’s your chance to learn how to use Zoom.

Get one-to-one instruction on how to use Zoom on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or even your telephone.  See the poster below for more information.

If you’d like to book an appointment, contact Alex at 604-297-4952 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
(Please include your first name, contact email or phone number and the Seniors Community Centre location most convenient for you.)

How to Zoom for Seniors


A Study on Cancer Treatment Experiences as An Older Adult

If you are interested in participating in the study, please contact the researchers directly using the information in the poster below.

UBC Research Poster